Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journey of a Reluctant Night Trekker

[Last week I was part of a group, and did something I had never done before - a night trek of a nearby hill. The experience along with being awesome and of course tiresome, taught a lot of lessons about life. So I can say that this is semi-fictional - what is fact and what is fiction... Let the reader decide for I am sure in some point or other, you would have done a 'night trek' on your own]

Reaching the footsteps of the hill,
In the dark night,
This knight with no shining armour,
Tries to surmise the difficulty of task in sight...

The cloak of darkness hid the difficulty of the task,
Only a torch with a tiny beacon being the only guide,
A shiver down the spine and adrenaline in the blood,
Cold n Hot at the same time...

Doubts plague you, if this was the correct path to take,
The complete path not visible at all, only a portion to be seen...
The torch the only guide, the path so narrow,
What you can see is only one step at a time.

One step is all you could see, One step is all you could get,
The only decision in your hands, take the step or abandon it all.
The risk of getting stuck, the reluctance of the body,
The invisibility of the goal, oh my god, lot of questions galore...

But the answer to these questions lies in the journey,
So plunge you must into the trek...
Trusted that the sight of every step you take,
Would ultimately lead you to your vision.

The path was not straight, for it wound round and round,
With thorny buses and loose stones and,
Ups and Downs and Slips and Slides,
The trek will take you for a total ride.

U know not the percent of distance u covered, 
Or the percent of distance that remained...
All you know is to keep going ahead,
Trusting the instincts that it will be alright in the end.

When there is a fork in the path, a decisive dilemma strikes,
To take the time tested sure shot smooth path,
Or the unexplored green one that promises more adventure...
U choose one and go ahead, and at times a dead end makes you curse,
"I must have chosen the other path instead... "

When frustration begins to gnaw at your soul,
A tired voice telling 'It is ok, you have tried and come this far'
You shoo the voices and tell yourself, 
'Come on, the peak is around the path'

Finally, you reach the peak, the clouds hitting the face,
The warmth of joy nulls the shivers of the breeze,
That welcome you happily in the end...
The pain of journey ceases to exist in the midst of the beautiful end

And then it is morning, and before you relish the victory,
The mist clears, and a range of mountains beckon to thee,
You smile and laugh realizing, - it is just the beginning and not the end...
You randomly choose a new peak, a new challenge, 
Waiting to be conquered one step at a time...
One step at a time, my friend, one step at a time... 

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  1. This exemplary metamorphical poem says it all. Thoroughly Enjoyed the feeling of understanding the poem.