Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Drop's Ode to Beloved Sunshine

[It has been an year since the Form became the Formless, and the Eternal cast off His ephemeral shell. I tried to collect my thoughts on the occasion, in the form of a small story. This is the prayer of a little drop yearning for the sunshine. A water drop is taken from its impure source, taken close to the sun in the form of a cloud and then after the rain the sun was gone. So what happens then? How is the prayer answered. Read On. ]

With emptiness inside, and chaos outside,
Leaving me in the cauldron of disturbance,
You have left me weak and lonely,
Dear Sunshine, whither have you gone?

You picked me from the impure source,
Cleansing me off the mud and filth,
You have taken me far and above,
Closer and closer to you.

You put me in the company of like minded drops,
Together we formed the 'cloud',
Calling us gold, we chosen few,
Were privileged to be the silver lining.

Look at the world from afar, See how similar it looks,
The walls and fences that divide us,
Disappear as you look at the larger picture.
Many such parables of truth and goodness,
You taught in your own beautiful way.

And then suddenly there was lightning and thunder,
All of us were thrown asunder,
Back into the chaos were we returned,
Far from your 'warmth' and affection.

Before i could recover from the shock of thrown apart,
You my Sunshine disappeared,
The warm beautiful day got suddenly replaced
By the cold dark night.

This drop shed a tear, wailing for thy company...
O My dear sunshine, why did you leave me?
Where have I gone my dear, For I am only here,
A familiar voice began to whisper to me.

I looked above, and saw to my wonder,
A new light shining cool, in full splendor...
I have not gone, just changed form,
From warm sunshine into the cool moonlight.

With no body, and no face,
I am a reflection on every surface,
Till I return to my pristine form,
Remember what I taught you all...
Be a drop on the lotus leaf,
Present on the surface and not attached to it,

And so, I, a little drop, is patiently waiting,
For He will fulfill the promise He has given to all...
Enjoy the moonlight and feel His presence,
Till the rise of a new dawn and new form,
A new dawn... A new Form...

[The allegory may be weak but definitely not the feeling we share on this day. Let us all drops join in prayer, and fulfill the dream that He has for all of us.]

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