Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is the enemy?

[This is (un)inspired by Agneepath. Saw the movie. Enjoyed it. Really liked the acting, but the premise of vengeance was a little disturbing. As i thought about Couint of Monte Cristo, Coriolanus and other revenge stories - a string of thoughts came upon me. And thus was born this poem - Who is the enemy?]

Bruised Battered and Broken,
I stared at the city from the cliff.
The veil of tears blurring my sight,
Anger burning right through my soul.
Emptiness within trudging me towards destruction...

Who is the enemy? 
Was it a person who conjured my situation through malice?
Was it a circumstance that inflicted pain through accident?
Was it the determination of fate or the dictates of destiny?
Against whom should i fight and claim my revenge?

Fighting the circumstance is pointless, 
Battling destiny is useless,Hurting a person is all that remains...
But will somebody's pain help me gain all my lost respect?
So the question remains - Who is the enemy?

Maybe it is God, or the universal law-maker,
Who has written me into a position of disadvantage?
Who, for the thrill of a wonderful story and plot,
Dragged me to the dirt and cruelly twisted me 
For the twist in the tale...
But what joy will the Almighty Lord get in defeating a puny being like me?
The question still remains - Who is the enemy?

The darkest night was cracking up with the onslaught of the first rays of dawn,
 Realization was slowly shattering my brooding thoughts,
With the outstretched single finger pointing to the world,
I forgot to notice the folded four fingers beckoning me...
Screaming silently - the enemy was me...

The battle is me vs my'self'... My current level vs my potential...
If I can raise the bar I have set, If I can push against the wall one more time,
In the oscillating phases of time, somehow the tide will be mine...
All I can do is to keep rowing... keep pushing
Keep rowing...Keep pushing.

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