Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where am I in the scheme of things?

Trapped in the tornado of daily monotony,
I was suddenly shaken out of my stupor,
When a series of random words suddenly formed a question,
"Where am I in the scheme of things?"

A perfect life I have, 
Learning new facts every day,
Knowledge keeps piling up,
And wisdom keeps slipping away.

In this cycle of creation every thing has a role to play,
But We upset the balance forgetting there is a price to pay.
We are the agents of chaos, dreaming to bring order,
God might be pondering if all this was a mistake.

The simplest of concepts have their existential question answered,
But we refuse to even ask the question,
Simple it might seem, but difficult to answer,
"Where am I in the scheme of things?"

As frustration swells, A prayer erupts, 
A thought arises, The answer emerges.
The quest lies in asking the questions right,
Arjuna's sincere Q & A is the Gita, right!!!

All our roles are defined, its exact time undefined,
Only obscure clues are left behind, 
For us to find with an open mind...
Something that separates us from rest of the kind.

Remember it all starts with one question,
And the adventure to find the answer becomes the answer itself.
For the journey to unravel the mystery,
Places us forever in the books of history.

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  1. Nice one...Arjuna's sincere Q & A is Gita-Right? truly made my day with this one...thanks a lot...there is a time for everything...