Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ayodhya Kanda

[This was a poem whose idea was there in my mind right from my undergrad days. Made quite an attempt to weave it into a drama...but it did not happen. So finally it comes... Ayodhya Kanda talks of deep bond of brotherhood between the four brothers in Ramayana...what does this talk about... Read and find out...]

A constable on a beat,
Perched on my customary seat,
Sipping my free hot cup of chai,
A daily 'token' of respect given by the restaurant

Ayodhya is the place of my chowki,
A simple small town in all its glory,
More than the holiness of the place,
It has always been a center of a news story.

My beat is a peculiar street,
With intersecting religions and conflicting opinions.
It is quite a crowded place, with little space to walk...
They build invisible fences, and have minimal talk.

On one of those usual days on my usual rounds,
An unusual sight hath greeted me.
A group of children with saffron flags,
Chasing a lone muslim boy down the alley.

The people around watched with total disinterest,
With none making even an attempt to react,
The call to duty came, and I sprung to action,
Sacrificing my free tea for my Ayodhya's protection.

I raced on and was trying to catch up with them,
But uncomfortable thoughts instead caught on...
That the devil of fundamentalism and religionism,
Was polluting the minds of next gen early on.

I finally reached and was panting, but to my surprise...
The kids were laughing and clapping...
The Muslim kid smilingly removed the cap and took a flag,
While another kid wore the cap...And the game went on...

I was shocked, surprised and filled with silent delight...
In the Pandora's box, hope was shining bright.
The place that once stood for the greatest spirit of brotherhood,
A new interpretation of brotherhood was being defined.

A sudden inquisition to find their actual religious orientation came,
But i let it pass and walked on...
For in that unasked question lies the key to unity...
And the beginning of a new 'Ayodhya Kanda'


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I am very sorry. I had to delete my first comment. Actually I took you as a person who acted in a Drama which I saw in 2002. I am very sorry for that. I went through all the poems of yours and I personally feel that you must not give up writing. And please compile them in the form of a book...

  2. This take of brotherhood was totally unexpected! It was heartwarming nonetheless! Very beautiful!

  3. This take of brotherhood was totally unexpected! It was heartwarming nonetheless! Very beautiful!