Monday, May 2, 2011

A'Musing' Master and Confused Disciple - Return to Sender

[This series A'Musing' Master and Confused Disciple is the first of what I envision would be a series of poems based on what I learnt from my Friend, Philosopher and Guide -  Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is more of a revision and reminder - for those who know, and a message for those who don't know. This first poem titled Return to Sender is also derived from a buddhist tale i heard long back... ]

On a day like any other,
On an occasion nothing particular,
The usual walk with my Master was on,
Who was silently observing the beautiful dawn...

Our silent sojourn was suddenly interrupted,
With the derisive shouts of a person,
The abuse and slander burnt my very soul,
I clenched my fists to teach him a lesson.

The Master on the other hand,
Was totally still and unperturbed.
The expression of joy never wavered,
No worry distorted his serene countenance.

The person left but not his abuse,
For it lingered on and echoed within.
The Master observed my tumultuous mind,
And beckoned me to come near Him.

He shouted, 'I am angry at the sun today,
'Throw some sand at him and spoil his brilliance'.
Confused by the sudden command, and yet
Wishing not to disobey...
I started throwing the sand at sun...
Which kept falling back on me.

The Master patted me benevolently and said,
'By throwing dirt on sun, only you got dirtier.
The sun continues to shine brightly than ever.
The dirty mind which spewed venom,
Will definitely be poisoned by its own medicine.'

'His abuse is not a test to my power...
But it is a test of your faith
Be strong my son and let the storm pass.
Mark his words Return to Sender'.

'Gifts not accepted belong to the sender,
Words not accepted belong to the speaker.
Mud can never dull the sun's brilliance
Accusations can never reduce my effulgence.'

And then it all fell into place, and I was amused.
'The abuser and abused are calm. Then what's my problem', I mused.
Words that are cruel and I did not wish to hear,
From then I started marking them Return to Sender.