Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From One Revolutionary to Another...

[This is a short note of tribute to one of the greatest revolutionaries of India - Bhagat Singh - on the occasion of his martyrdom day... 70 years after his hanging... he lives on...and this is an imaginary rendering of  his thoughts on that
 fateful day 23rd March 1931... ]

Every day  I do not miss the rising or setting sun,
The redness of the sky reminds me of the revolution.
The moment I have waited for so long,
Has silently dawned upon me...

Short and Incomplete is my life, they say...
I have left my family in harm's way...
But in heeding the country's call lies my duty,
My blood on her bosom, gives her beauty.

My friends the gallows are calling me,
The enemies of my country are mocking me,
I pity them for their foolishness,
For though the man has gone, the idea remains...

Do not let the embers of patriotism die down,
The enemies of the country have not yet left town.
The people may have left, but the vermin still remains...
The pestilence of fundamentalism is threatening the freedom again. 

I am the echo of the past war cries,
I am the inspiration for the future slogans...
I am present everywhere,
That is my gift to everyone...

There shall be no parting message my friend,
For the revolution lives on,
Even though we attain independence,
The fight for freedom goes on.

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  1. You write very well. Simply impressed for I can see the touch of sensitivity and humaneness in your poems...Great:)