Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A'musing' Master Confused Disciple III - The Master's Twin Brother

[It has been quite some time since I published any poem. But there was a dearth of thought, and inspiration. I was in some frustration recently and then I pondered about the principle of duality. I thought about the existence of Yin and Yang, and where the evil actually is. These are my thoughts on this matter, and my introspection on the message that is present. The bold is to highlight the master's sayings, so that it is easier to follow. It's a complicated theme, but I feel atleast some of you read may understand it or others can just enjoy it.   
 This is a continuation of my Amusing Master and Confused Disciple series, where the Master remains nameless so as to be universal in appeal, and the disciple represents anyone of us, in fact everyone of us. ]

Present I was in the Master's presence,
On a usual day of unusual happenings.
As I feel the comfort of the monotone,
Something strange definitely happens around.

'A news to share with all', He said.
My twin brother is coming to visit...
Confused we waited, and looked upon the horizon...
A person completely like and unlike the master entered.

Still wasting time with losers I see, he commented
Oh brother you haven't changed, the Master lamented.
A refreshment I demand, he asked
A refreshing message I offer instead, the Master replied...

The world does not require words that fade away,
A word can make a world of difference...
What difference can you make with a few words...
A few sparks can ignite bales of cotton...

Enough brother, I have not come for wisdom...I have come to reason
Leave this world as it be, for it will never change... Go and redeem yourself,
That I cannot do brother, for though they never follow my words,
They pretend to hear, tend to remember, and maybe end up following them...

That little glimmer of hope is enough to sustain my efforts,
Oh That's is it, I go back and with that the Master's brother disappeared....
We wondered if it is an illusion, or a fading dream...
The Master smiled and turned, so you have met my brother 'Waster'... And retired for the day...

The incident puzzled me, yet the enigma enthralled me...
A brother so same in form and yet so different in character...
As I ponder upon the name of the brother, 'Waster' suddenly it struck...
Just like flip of letter 'M' and 'W' in name, the flip in thought drives them worlds apart...

One is a symbol of optimism, The other a black hole of pessimism
One a beacon of hope, the other a symbol of desperation...
Both exist - the Master and Waster... who balance out the world...
Whom do we wish to follow, it is entirely upto us...

The Master and Waster, both exist within us... A battle rages all the time...
The One who masters the waster, emerges the true Master of Self...
Such profound message in a simple play of names... But what if the incident was itself an illusion?
I smile and comfort myself thinking... the incident may or may not be real... But the Message is real

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journey of a Reluctant Night Trekker

[Last week I was part of a group, and did something I had never done before - a night trek of a nearby hill. The experience along with being awesome and of course tiresome, taught a lot of lessons about life. So I can say that this is semi-fictional - what is fact and what is fiction... Let the reader decide for I am sure in some point or other, you would have done a 'night trek' on your own]

Reaching the footsteps of the hill,
In the dark night,
This knight with no shining armour,
Tries to surmise the difficulty of task in sight...

The cloak of darkness hid the difficulty of the task,
Only a torch with a tiny beacon being the only guide,
A shiver down the spine and adrenaline in the blood,
Cold n Hot at the same time...

Doubts plague you, if this was the correct path to take,
The complete path not visible at all, only a portion to be seen...
The torch the only guide, the path so narrow,
What you can see is only one step at a time.

One step is all you could see, One step is all you could get,
The only decision in your hands, take the step or abandon it all.
The risk of getting stuck, the reluctance of the body,
The invisibility of the goal, oh my god, lot of questions galore...

But the answer to these questions lies in the journey,
So plunge you must into the trek...
Trusted that the sight of every step you take,
Would ultimately lead you to your vision.

The path was not straight, for it wound round and round,
With thorny buses and loose stones and,
Ups and Downs and Slips and Slides,
The trek will take you for a total ride.

U know not the percent of distance u covered, 
Or the percent of distance that remained...
All you know is to keep going ahead,
Trusting the instincts that it will be alright in the end.

When there is a fork in the path, a decisive dilemma strikes,
To take the time tested sure shot smooth path,
Or the unexplored green one that promises more adventure...
U choose one and go ahead, and at times a dead end makes you curse,
"I must have chosen the other path instead... "

When frustration begins to gnaw at your soul,
A tired voice telling 'It is ok, you have tried and come this far'
You shoo the voices and tell yourself, 
'Come on, the peak is around the path'

Finally, you reach the peak, the clouds hitting the face,
The warmth of joy nulls the shivers of the breeze,
That welcome you happily in the end...
The pain of journey ceases to exist in the midst of the beautiful end

And then it is morning, and before you relish the victory,
The mist clears, and a range of mountains beckon to thee,
You smile and laugh realizing, - it is just the beginning and not the end...
You randomly choose a new peak, a new challenge, 
Waiting to be conquered one step at a time...
One step at a time, my friend, one step at a time... 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Drop's Ode to Beloved Sunshine

[It has been an year since the Form became the Formless, and the Eternal cast off His ephemeral shell. I tried to collect my thoughts on the occasion, in the form of a small story. This is the prayer of a little drop yearning for the sunshine. A water drop is taken from its impure source, taken close to the sun in the form of a cloud and then after the rain the sun was gone. So what happens then? How is the prayer answered. Read On. ]

With emptiness inside, and chaos outside,
Leaving me in the cauldron of disturbance,
You have left me weak and lonely,
Dear Sunshine, whither have you gone?

You picked me from the impure source,
Cleansing me off the mud and filth,
You have taken me far and above,
Closer and closer to you.

You put me in the company of like minded drops,
Together we formed the 'cloud',
Calling us gold, we chosen few,
Were privileged to be the silver lining.

Look at the world from afar, See how similar it looks,
The walls and fences that divide us,
Disappear as you look at the larger picture.
Many such parables of truth and goodness,
You taught in your own beautiful way.

And then suddenly there was lightning and thunder,
All of us were thrown asunder,
Back into the chaos were we returned,
Far from your 'warmth' and affection.

Before i could recover from the shock of thrown apart,
You my Sunshine disappeared,
The warm beautiful day got suddenly replaced
By the cold dark night.

This drop shed a tear, wailing for thy company...
O My dear sunshine, why did you leave me?
Where have I gone my dear, For I am only here,
A familiar voice began to whisper to me.

I looked above, and saw to my wonder,
A new light shining cool, in full splendor...
I have not gone, just changed form,
From warm sunshine into the cool moonlight.

With no body, and no face,
I am a reflection on every surface,
Till I return to my pristine form,
Remember what I taught you all...
Be a drop on the lotus leaf,
Present on the surface and not attached to it,

And so, I, a little drop, is patiently waiting,
For He will fulfill the promise He has given to all...
Enjoy the moonlight and feel His presence,
Till the rise of a new dawn and new form,
A new dawn... A new Form...

[The allegory may be weak but definitely not the feeling we share on this day. Let us all drops join in prayer, and fulfill the dream that He has for all of us.]

Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is the enemy?

[This is (un)inspired by Agneepath. Saw the movie. Enjoyed it. Really liked the acting, but the premise of vengeance was a little disturbing. As i thought about Couint of Monte Cristo, Coriolanus and other revenge stories - a string of thoughts came upon me. And thus was born this poem - Who is the enemy?]

Bruised Battered and Broken,
I stared at the city from the cliff.
The veil of tears blurring my sight,
Anger burning right through my soul.
Emptiness within trudging me towards destruction...

Who is the enemy? 
Was it a person who conjured my situation through malice?
Was it a circumstance that inflicted pain through accident?
Was it the determination of fate or the dictates of destiny?
Against whom should i fight and claim my revenge?

Fighting the circumstance is pointless, 
Battling destiny is useless,Hurting a person is all that remains...
But will somebody's pain help me gain all my lost respect?
So the question remains - Who is the enemy?

Maybe it is God, or the universal law-maker,
Who has written me into a position of disadvantage?
Who, for the thrill of a wonderful story and plot,
Dragged me to the dirt and cruelly twisted me 
For the twist in the tale...
But what joy will the Almighty Lord get in defeating a puny being like me?
The question still remains - Who is the enemy?

The darkest night was cracking up with the onslaught of the first rays of dawn,
 Realization was slowly shattering my brooding thoughts,
With the outstretched single finger pointing to the world,
I forgot to notice the folded four fingers beckoning me...
Screaming silently - the enemy was me...

The battle is me vs my'self'... My current level vs my potential...
If I can raise the bar I have set, If I can push against the wall one more time,
In the oscillating phases of time, somehow the tide will be mine...
All I can do is to keep rowing... keep pushing
Keep rowing...Keep pushing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where am I in the scheme of things?

Trapped in the tornado of daily monotony,
I was suddenly shaken out of my stupor,
When a series of random words suddenly formed a question,
"Where am I in the scheme of things?"

A perfect life I have, 
Learning new facts every day,
Knowledge keeps piling up,
And wisdom keeps slipping away.

In this cycle of creation every thing has a role to play,
But We upset the balance forgetting there is a price to pay.
We are the agents of chaos, dreaming to bring order,
God might be pondering if all this was a mistake.

The simplest of concepts have their existential question answered,
But we refuse to even ask the question,
Simple it might seem, but difficult to answer,
"Where am I in the scheme of things?"

As frustration swells, A prayer erupts, 
A thought arises, The answer emerges.
The quest lies in asking the questions right,
Arjuna's sincere Q & A is the Gita, right!!!

All our roles are defined, its exact time undefined,
Only obscure clues are left behind, 
For us to find with an open mind...
Something that separates us from rest of the kind.

Remember it all starts with one question,
And the adventure to find the answer becomes the answer itself.
For the journey to unravel the mystery,
Places us forever in the books of history.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ayodhya Kanda

[This was a poem whose idea was there in my mind right from my undergrad days. Made quite an attempt to weave it into a drama...but it did not happen. So finally it comes... Ayodhya Kanda talks of deep bond of brotherhood between the four brothers in Ramayana...what does this talk about... Read and find out...]

A constable on a beat,
Perched on my customary seat,
Sipping my free hot cup of chai,
A daily 'token' of respect given by the restaurant

Ayodhya is the place of my chowki,
A simple small town in all its glory,
More than the holiness of the place,
It has always been a center of a news story.

My beat is a peculiar street,
With intersecting religions and conflicting opinions.
It is quite a crowded place, with little space to walk...
They build invisible fences, and have minimal talk.

On one of those usual days on my usual rounds,
An unusual sight hath greeted me.
A group of children with saffron flags,
Chasing a lone muslim boy down the alley.

The people around watched with total disinterest,
With none making even an attempt to react,
The call to duty came, and I sprung to action,
Sacrificing my free tea for my Ayodhya's protection.

I raced on and was trying to catch up with them,
But uncomfortable thoughts instead caught on...
That the devil of fundamentalism and religionism,
Was polluting the minds of next gen early on.

I finally reached and was panting, but to my surprise...
The kids were laughing and clapping...
The Muslim kid smilingly removed the cap and took a flag,
While another kid wore the cap...And the game went on...

I was shocked, surprised and filled with silent delight...
In the Pandora's box, hope was shining bright.
The place that once stood for the greatest spirit of brotherhood,
A new interpretation of brotherhood was being defined.

A sudden inquisition to find their actual religious orientation came,
But i let it pass and walked on...
For in that unasked question lies the key to unity...
And the beginning of a new 'Ayodhya Kanda'

Sunday, June 12, 2011

'A'musing Master and Confused Disciple II - The 'Master'piece

[This poem is based on two short stories told by Swami, and a quotation that is always an eye-opener in times when I used to feel incomplete or empty - God has a plan and that is all you need to know...]

The evening with the Master are always memorable,
With familiar surroundings and unfamiliar people.
Random, is the direction that the discussions used to take,
But at the end, the doubts would be cleared right away.

The beauty in God's design, the Master spoke
Where is the beauty, a scientist poked.
Acorns adorned huge trees, while pumpkins grew only on creepers,
Mismatch of this order is not at all a perfect design.

The Master lips curled into a smile, and addressed the gentleman,
On a hot summer day, as you lie in the shade of a tree of acorn...
When the occasional strong wind shakes the tree, and the fruits fall...
Your head would thank God, that it is not a pumpkin that fell from the top.

With this query of the pumpkin, the scientist became a bumpkin,
But a question still lingered on, what is the principle of the design of Lord?
I approached the Master with this pertinent question,
He shooed me away and diverted the topic.

A few days later in another session, the Master called me to stage,
A piece of colored paper he gave, and asked me to give its interpretation.
I looked up and down and turned it all around,
But no interpretation struck me and I stood silent.

The Master looked amused and gave me a lot more pieces...
As I looked close they seemed to fit into a larger picture.
I quickly assembled the pieces into a painting,
And gave a satisfactory interpretation of the 'Master'piece.

The Master called me aside, and asked why I hesitated in the beginning,
I gave the explanation that some pieces were missing.
He smiled and look at the vast expanse,
And spoke firmly as if in a trance...

The canvas of the Lord's design is always so large,
That not all pieces are revealed to Thee...
Believe and not question the maker, just have faith...
Waiting for the wonder you are about to see.

And so in future, when stuck in puzzling situation,
Always Know that there is a missing piece you cannot See...
Have faith in the Benevolent Master Craftsman,
Who is sculpting a Master Piece called Thee...